Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Christmas on Canandaigua Lake"
, painting by Iveta Buck 2008

~click on the painting to see larger~

After 7 days and nights of painting our Christmas card, I finaly finished and I am very excited to be able to post it and wish everyone happy holidays and wonderful upcoming new year 2009. I would like to thank all of my clients and friends for all the business and big help I appreciate so very much!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008
Mrs. Buck's UPK kiddies

I finally found a minute to post these beautiful photos of the UPK, Mrs. Buck's classes. I volunteered to help with their Christmas project for the parents, and offered to photograph the little cuties. I have never worked with such a great bunch of little models! They were so easy to work with! They are definitely worth being here on my blog. Thank you so much guys! You did a wonderful job! If you cannot find your child here, I probably didn't get your signed form we sent home few weeks ago. If you wish to have your child added to this post, please, sign and send the form back to Mrs. Buck or email to Should you be interested in seeing more photos of your child (if I have more), contact me, at the email above. Thank you so much for letting me photograph and share your kiddies on my blog! They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you Mrs. Buck and Mrs Knopf for letting me being part of this project!

~AM Class~ ~PM Class~

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Monday, December 15, 2008
Shake your booty, it's the holidays!
I get lots of emails these days and one of them was this beautiful uplifting video. Please, sit back and enjoy! Don't forget to turn on your sound! It will definitely get you into the Christmas mood if you are not there just yet! .... and ladieeeeeeezzzzz, don't hesitate to shake your booty!!! We deserve little excitement after all the hard holiday cleaning! :-) (not sure if I spelled the booty right, but WHO CARES! It's the holidays!) Enjoy !! .... oh, gentlemen, don't think I wasn't thinking of you! Feel free to join our little shake dance also! :-) It 's just that photography is 99% moms business and I deal mostly with mommy customers :-) you are just as welcome! ENJOY!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008
Lil Santa is coming to town

OK, I know I haven't been very good updating and I promised some new photos. Well, here they are. I just photographed this beautiful family, and I have to share this Lil Santa with you. Trina and Clayton have been coming to my studio for years, and this year wasn't an exception. Ty was wonderful and did a beautiful job, so did his parents...

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Thursday, December 4, 2008
Toy Story Pup
I am so behind posting all the beautiful photos we have taken over the past few months! I promise to put them all here. I just don't think 24-hrs day is long enough for working mom. Well, this week I was honored to photograph this giant puppy... His name is Bailey (gee, I don't even know the correct spelling!) and he is two years old. This was my second time photographing him, but this time we brought him in my studio. Here is what we did. He is such a wonderful model!

This is my son Lucas with his friend Bethy, both calling the pup to come back on the backdrop :-) yeah sure! Keep calling guys, cause I am outa here! :-)

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