Saturday, February 21, 2009
Precious, glowing bellies

I asked a friend of mine, Nicole, to pose for few maternity shots. I was the one photographing Nicole and Brendan's wedding several years back and I just thought this would be a perfect occasion to have Nicole back in my studio. It turned out to be a lot longer session than I originally planned. Considering feeding, changing diapers and having our three kids between ages 2-5 running through the studio, I think we did pretty good job together. Nicole was so easy going and I absolutely loved working with her. Just between us... she was soooo exhausted! :-)

If I should name this shot, I would call it: "Shhhhnooozing..." :-) she really deserved it!

I love orange... as you can tell. I love everything that has brown, black and fire looking color in it... :-) I just had to share our results with you. The thing is, not everyone is interested in the same photo style, and I would like to show the variety of shots we can create together... hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating these beautiful photographs...

This one is a painting of mommy and the future big brother ....

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Thursday, February 5, 2009
The Biggest Reward Of My Job
I am not big on writing or reading. My English is still not the best and never will be, but I would love to share this story of an extraordinary woman, my friend Debbie Kimble and her family. She was diagnosed with cancer this summer, around the time her first grand baby was to arrive. I was the one they chose to photograph their family before Debbie undergone her surgery. When she introduced herself on the phone, I was very excited, but when her voice quiet down and she said: "See, I have cancer, and we would like the do it as soon as we can..." my heart started beating and at that moment I knew, I have to make impossible possible and take million photos and combinations .... I just didn't want to leave anything out. So I did. I loved photographing the whole family and here are some of the photos ....
Before you view them, I would like you to know that Debbie did great with her surgery, and she is recovering so well! She said:"The cancer is gone but this is just a beginning.... " I really would like you to read this beautiful and motivating story written by Julie Sherwood, Daily Messenger. Click here to read the whole story: Lessons on a cancer journey
I can't tell you how Proud I am to be chosen to be their family photographer, and even prouder that Debbie was photographed for the Messenger with my work. This photo was taken by Riki Van Camp/Messenger Post.
The wonderful thing about being a photographer is that many of my clients become my friends. Seeing and hearing their stories about the photographs we created together is "The biggest reward of my job". Capturing moments and happiness that will stay with them forever is priceless and I cannot describe how honored I am to be chosen not just by Debbie and her family, but all of you. Thank you so much for your trust and putting your trust into my hands. I can only promise to do my best, not just to meet but exceed your expectations.

Debbie, thank you so much for being such a strong, and beautiful friend. I can't wait to get together!
Love ya!

This is the 4-generation portrait in the frame on Debbie's Messenger Post photo:

... and this is THE WOMEN OF THE YEAR ... and I am sure you will agree with me...
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Sunday, February 1, 2009
Maternity session "My way"
This past weekend I had the honor to photograph maternity photos for a wonderful couple. This is their first baby and this makes it even more special. My clients preferred photos that are not as "Artsy".... which I took, that kissing the belly wouldn't be the way to go, and that is exactly what I like. I am not one of those overly sensitive either, and I like to see my "Mommas" to show what they have inside, not outside. Fun, personality and enjoying the pregnancy the real way... which means, sometimes... just sitting, laying, eating... aaaaaaaaaaaaand put the Men to work! ;-) we did the drinking cocoa part, dancing part and fun part... and it was definitely fantastic session.... whatcha think?

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