Sunday, April 26, 2009
Painter on Fire!
My friend Amy is an illustrator, who asked me to photograph her while she was painting, for use on her web site and brochure. We spent almost four hours together having fun and what we ended up with was a variety of really fun and unexpected shots! It goes to show that when you let go of preconceived notions of what a photo "should" be, you can end up with many pleasant surprises! Amy it was so much fun!
I betcha you have never seen anyone painting with a fire brush, have ya? :-) Now you have... of course this one is the Photoshop brush :-) but if you ever see this gorgeous window on fire... we haven't done that! :-)

... a very serious idea...

... just chilling... but a very very freezing lake, it was sooo windy! Oh, if you think Amy is drinking wine... you are almost right.... it's an apple juice! We found every kid of red wine or the hard stuff ;-) but NO white wine! So, here it goes... sipping on an apple juice worked out just as well ...

... and you should know that after this beautiful shot.... Amy fell right on her ... mmm.... back of her jeans! :-) she was sooo sore she had to take Advil the next day :-) sorry Amy! :-) The shot was definitely worth the fall! :-)

.... and this one.... no comment... when you see this train somewhere in Canandaigua, AMY did it! :-) no she didn't but no one has to know, right?

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Binghamton Lax Seniors
I have been designing these plaks for Binghamton players for four years in the row now. I think it is such a treat for the players when they receive this thoughtful, personalized gift! I am trying to make them little different each year to make sure that the surprise is even more surprising :-) but the main thing is that each player has a large 10x14 boarded action photo of himself. Well, Good luck Binghamton seniors! ! It took me forever to spell Binghamton, and I STILL don't know if I have it right! :-) sorry guys if NOT... I am just lazy little Czech person to remember spellings :-)

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Modeling Portfolios
I have done several of these over the past few months. Starting a modeling business is much easier with a really cool book (portfolio).... 've been there, done that :-) so I should know! It was just yesterday, when Eric and I headed out into the gorgeous sunny day, but it was quite freezing for shirtless shots. I just want to point out that besides few filters to add effect and minor retouching, I have Not adjusted these images. Everything you see is very natural and good lighting definitely helped to stress out the curves, just in case someone thinks those photos are not real or overly photoshoped. Trust me, they are the Real thing! Enjoy! ;-)
Nice job Eric and Good Luck with modeling! Keep us posted!

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Saturday, April 4, 2009
Expecting Twins!
Don't get too excited! NOT ME! ;-) This is Jill and she is expecting TWINS! Congratulation! We had her in the studio for few first tummy shots, but you will see a lot more of her on my blog during her pregnancy. I am so excited to photograph the sequence of her tummy and you will definitely see the two little bundles when they decide to join us out here :-) .... aaaand I would be surprised, if I get a call sometimes in July instead of September, that they are ready for their first family photo! :-)Since Jill is only four months pregnant, we didn't get to do much as her tummy is still small, but we have lot of plans for the rest. I am sure we will get the daddy in here too! Guys are always so much fun to work with ;-) Right GUYS? :-) I can't wait! Thank you Jill! You are wonderful! :-)

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