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Photographing overseas, in Czech Republic
Last month, in May, I was visiting my native country, Czech Republic. My mom was celebrating her 60th birthday, and we just couldn't miss all the fun and family get together; however, having fun wasn't the only reason to travel to Czech. I had sessions piled up from families all over. They all drove to my mom's town to be photographed. :-) no traveling! :-) We ended up creating so many beautiful images, it was too hard to choose. This post is full of Fun, Cute and Interesting photos. Photography and family portraiture is still not very popular in Czech, but I was so honored to get them started and show everyone how beautiful and important family photographs are.
The first family I met and photographed was Ali with her hubby and their daughter. I can't describe how fun this session was and how appreciative they were for having these photos taken. I received numerous emails not only from them but the rest of the families as well. I was so happy they got the message! :-) Seems like they are hooked! :-)

This yellow and green series of photos belong to Lenka and her daughter. Unfortunately, daddy couldn't make it, so we had a blast ourselves. Aren't they adorable?

OK, these two guys are quite familiar, right? This is Petr, the boy many of you sent a postcard to! This is the famous boy, getting all the postcards from all over the world, and by the way, we are only 5 states away from finish up the USA part! Thank you so much everyone! Oh, and the good looking guys next to him is his dad :-) They traveled 5 hours by car to meet with us in Roznov, my mom's town. We really enjoyed their visit. Of course, I wouldn't let them leave without a quick portrait session :) How did we do?

This is Lejka and her family. We have been friends for the longest time and we see each other every time I fly home to Czech. Yeah, it is still home! I guess I am one of the lucky ones... having two homes :-) So, here is Lejka and her beautiful family ...

The next family is Marketa, her hubby and two gorgeous children. She was one of those who couldn't stop sending emails full of love and appreciation. One of her sentences was: "I knew my children were cute, but I had no idea they are so beautiful!" She told me she almost cried when she saw the photos... Isn't it adorable? Well, these are the kind of emails I really like receiving... :-) Oh, one more detail, it was raining through the whole session, could you tell? :-)

This is another Marketka with her family. They couldn't make it the first time we scheduled, but after seeing the photos of her friends', she simply couldn't miss it. They asked if I can give them a make up session and of course, I don't have the heart to say No. So here is what we did on their session date. They were so easy to work with! :-)

This session was a little challenge, This is my brother and his daughters. None of them are extremely into being photographed and their patience is ... how would i say this.... NOT very long. :-) I still think we got some really cute images, what do you say BROTHER? :-) You better like it! :-)

This gorgeous little butterfly lady belong to Renatka and her hubby. We grew up in the same blog and she actually saw me photographing another family in the park. She didn't hesitate to ask and immediately scheduled a family session with me. I am so glad we did it! All the photos are just breathtaking ... what a beautiful and patient family!

... and this is the Big Brother...

I couldn't help myself and had to share this photo of Gabi and her son. They came along with Renata to help out with dressing up and getting ready. I just thought this was the cutest shot of a mommy and her little boy...

If you look few photos higher, I shared some images of my brother and his daughters. Well, these girls had a really big PHOTO day! :-) This is their mommy and their pup ... I wish I remembered her name :-( OH, KETTY! It's puppy Ketty :)

People weren't the only subject I photographed. A friend of mine, Zuzka, my right hand and leg, in Czech :-) who helped me out so many times, asked if it would be possible to photograph her dogs. Of course! I owed her big, so there will be plenty of images of her pups and herself in this section. This first photo is my very favorite, It was photographed from big distance and I didn't think I got one in action, but I did, and this is it... I Love this one...

... siblings fighting.... sounds familiar? :-)

... and finally, this is Zuzka. I really would like to thank her again for being such a big help to me and the boys! She was the one who was always there to drive us places and help when we needed anything... Zuzka, thank you so much! By the way, you look absolutely stunning on these photographs!

Honestly, I am not big fan of Graffitti walls and busy backs, but this one just hit my eyes. This is a bathroom wall at the local Train station in Czech. We just had to jump down there and take few shots... I really love them! Considering, that Zuzka is one of the shiest girls I know, she looks pretty hot... ;)

What an attitude! You go girl! :) Gee, correct me someone if I misspelled it :)

This will probably be the largest section in this post. This gorgeous young lady is Jana, and she has never posed in front of a pro photographer. She really wanted to get the taste of modeling life. Did she like it? She was exteremly shy at the beggining, and she warmed up really fast. At the end, she was really exhausted but LOVED the camera, and I think the camera loved her back...

The rest of the photos are with Jana's family, her mom, brother, cousin and aunt. By the way, they are all my family as well :-)

... and finaly, this is my sis, Monika. She always takes nice photos :-)

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