Thursday, September 17, 2009
Henry's 9 months session
I know it's been a while since I posted session photos, and trust me, there is so much to post! I promised to catch up and here I go. Most of you know this lil boy. He is due for his 12 months shoot shortly but I still wanted to share those cute photos with you.

Who said that squinting photos are wrong? :-)

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Sunday, September 6, 2009
It's done!!!! Actually, it's been finished for couple of months now, but the busy season came like a hurricane and I am finally getting back to posting. I don't even know if I remember how to do this, so bear with me.
As you know from the previous post, the boys and I went to visit my family in Czech. Shortly after we got back, I decided, that the old studio was due for a makeover. Why? Because it actually was an old kitchen! I really wanted to show my appreciation to all the wonderful friends and clients for bearing with me and my "old" gloomy, orange wood studio. :-) We needed a big change, and a HUGE Miracle to finish this within a month. I had many senior sessions scheduled ahead, and this needed to be done. Did we make it? Who were the biggest helpers? Do we like it? Let's check it out!!!!
Before I start, I would like to explain, how I came up with the Studio name. Originally, we just wanted to call it "Family Memories", but after a while, I couldn't help it and renamed my studio to "Lake View Photography" Why? I have the most beautiful view overlooking the lake. My studio is located in the lower part of the house, and you still can see the lake. Here is a photo taken directly from the studio out of the window.... and that is exactly what you would see from the spot you are being photographed. :-) How lovely! :-)

... and this is the studio in all it's new beauty! I love the space, the floor, the stone corner, I Love it ALL! :-) We are really proud of the makeover and the way the whole new room turned out. The best part of all is, that this whole project was done my Steve, my husband, few friends and mainly our boys, Jesse and Lucas! The two hard workers were helping the Whole time the studio was being built. There is lot of photos coming up showing their hard working souls. They are just so adorable :-)

There is lot of wonderful features in the studio, but one of my favorites, besides the floor, the new door, the wall........... :-) is this wonderful round chair. I think this gorgeous "Roundy" was made just for the studio!! :-)

This is the side I photograph on. The difference is that before, my backdrops were covering the window and I had a lot of kitchen cabinets taking space. Now, I decided to use the longer wall for shooting and open up the window, to be able to use the natural light. I Love it!

I am not sure if you see the cozy fur on the floor. I love this little accessory. My sister brought them to me from Czech couple of years ago. I cannot tell how cozy this thing is! :-) ... and a wonderful Prop! It actually is the "Real Thing", a sheep skin and can only be cleaned with a very expensive special oil. :-) Don't have it! So NO SHOES on my Sheep skin! :-)

These two upcoming photos are one of my favorite features... I know, I just love them all, but still would like to share them with you. We chose the stone matching our fireplace from the other side of the living room. Put the stone up, and for you, masons, after Steve filled the spots in between the stones, I was the one smoothing and finishing. :-) I think I am pretty talented mason! :-)

I just can't express how extremely happy I am with the whole studio. I love it all and I am so proud of the final Result. I hope you all will feel as comfortable being photographed in our new studio as I am with photographing here. Thank you all for your support and I hope to see ya all here soon! :-) You are only a CLICK AWAY from having your gorgeous family portrait hanging on YOUR WALL! :-)

Here is a quick recap slideshow of our project. Some photos might be out of order, but it is fun to see the progress... ENJOY!

To hear the music with the slideshow, click on the Sound Icon placed on the left upper corner of the TV screen (last Icon on the right).

Steve, thank You and the boys, Jesse and Lucas, for doing such a fantastic job with the studio. I love working in my new room!
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