Sunday, October 18, 2009
Lake View Photography "Proof Books"
I must have made hundreds of these beautiful proof books already. Unfortunately, they never stick around too long for me to be able to create a nice shot of them. :) As soon as they are finished, they are gone with their owners :) LUCKY BOOKS! :) Everyone is always so excited and so am I! :) I really love making them and I flip through each book so many times before they leave my studio! I just love the way they always turn out ....

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Thursday, October 15, 2009
Summer sessions, finally
I realize I haven't been on track posting all the beautiful photos taken this summer, but it has been such an insane summer, insane in a good way, but too exhausting for me to work on my blog. Now, when the season finally calmed down, I can actually sit down and work on my blog. I will be posting photos gradually, so stay tuned! I promise to post at least couple of sessions every few days :)
Here is my very first session of the summer in our newly rebuilt studio. This is Rachael and she was also my first Senior this year :)

OK, this is Rachael (left) and her sister Katie (right). I photographed Katie two years for her senior portraits. They were both so much fun! Can you tell :)

Rachael was one of the four girls in the next batch of photos. This was one of my favorite senior group/friends sessions. I really wanted to describe their friendship in photos... I don't think we could do any better than that ... we had so much fun!

I would like as many post to stay visible as possible, without going back to Archive, so I decided to combine my sessions into as few post as possible. Well, here is another fantastic session with Ashlee. She is one of the four girls in the photos above, and we had the best time ever :) Right girls? :)

I had looooots of cute girls in my studio this year, but also plenty of handsome boys :) Many of them play sports and definitely wanted few shots with their gear :)How fun! :)

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