Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Relaxing lunches with Scott's piano music

I got the honnor to photograph a very good friend of mine, musician, Scott Kreyer. He's been providing a beautiful, very relaxing life piano performance in Wegmans every Sunday from 10am - 1pm .... someting you should definitely try... a relaxing Sunday lunch in Wegmans, with Scott's piano talent ~ just beautiful...

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Friday, May 13, 2011
Since there was no Christmas or 2011 New Year's card, we decided to wait till Spring and treat everyone with our newest painting of the Buck boys, crated by their mommy.

Enjoy the Spring and more!


Jesse, Lucas and Iveta

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011
There is no greater miracle than this ....
For some reason, I always loved the BEFORE and AFTER things .... anything.... to see how things change, grow, modify.... it's amazing. First of all, "Patience" is required to accomplish such task, and I waited, and waited... but the results are breathtaking...

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Every day should be "Mother's Day"
My younger son has been asking every day: "Mommy, is Mother's over?" I don't think he knows the real meaning of Mother's day, but he was so sweet that day, coming to me many times wishing Happy Mother's day... I think, EVERY day should be MOTHER'S DAY. I think being a "MOM" is one of the hardest jobs. It's so rewarding though! I realize it is a couple of days after Mother's day and I am sure you saw some of these photos either on my blog, or web site already, but I still would like to share some of my favorite photos having Mom and their treasures with them.

It is so wonderful to be a mom ....

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Importing my Blog into Facebook
I have spent so much time trying to figure all this out! I would like my blog to be imported automatically into my facebook page. OK, here is my first try. Is it gonna work? :) It better!

Here is a virtual paining of a wonderful couple. They have been our neighbors for years. He wanted to surprise his wife and brought her favorite photo, a little 4x6 for me to paint. What do you think?

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Sunday, May 1, 2011
Introducing "Friends Having Fun" Session
After a long time, I got few of my friends together for a Mary Kay makeover. A dear friend of mine Honey and her daughter Morgan came to perform their magic and helped us to enrich our little get together with makeup and photo shoot. Just to clarify, all the photos of myself and the group shots were taken by Honey DeLapa, who is also a fantastic photographer. The rest of it were my creations and fun we had after Honey and Morgan left us :) We had so much fun! This is one of the ideas that you can use to make your friends' birthday or anniversary so special! Don't hesitate to ask for details!


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Long year ....
It has been so long since I got to publish anything on my blog and site. It has also been a long and hard year for our family. We have gone through some difficult times, and needed to pause my work for a while as my family needed me more. However, I am back and ready to do what I love doing the most (of course besides spending time with my two adorable sons)...PHOTOGRAPHY. I am very much looking forward to sharing all of my work over the past year and share what I am working on at this time. I would love for all of you to stop by again...
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