Tuesday, January 13, 2009
The coziest sessions
I always thought the coziest and most comfortable sessions are happening at home. Home is home and the photos have a special meaning when taken in the clients environment. I also LOVE to shoot in front of a lighted fireplace. Why? Come on! Don't tell me this isn't magical ....

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Emily, the little princess
Few days ago, I had a special little client in my studio. Emily is four years old and even though she was more impressed by playing with my boys and their toy collection :-) than being photographed, I think we got some really cute shots ...

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Sounds scary doesn't it? :-) I had quite a bit of very cold sessions these past few months... but the results.... Flawless! Wait... did I spell it right? :-) OK, the results are just breathtaking! I got quite sick after one of them.... won't mention ... right AMY? :-) but the others I survived in a good health :-) I really mean it... it was so much fun! Five minutes shooting, running in the car, warming up, getting back out... going for a hot chocolate, then getting back out there.... I'll tell ya... smart who stays IN! :-) ... but if you do, you won't have those gorgeous late fally and wintery portraits ...
Let's see .... this one is one of my latest.... Sara, she needed some shots for a dancing and modeling contact sheet ... how did we do? :-) It was such a treat working with her ...
Here is only couple of shots, I would like to post more in another section with Winter Seniors.

Yep, it is a tear drop... she cried! :-) It was so cold, we only shot for a few minutes, but even those few minutes were really bitter .... sweet :-) Thank you Sara!
This session was one of the cruelest though ... We planned on photographing this family for a while, and since it seemed like a very nice day (actually beautiful day!) blue sky.... nice lighting.... aaaaaaand we managed to pull those four siblings together from their work and colleges, we just had to do it. Now, they gave me about 10-15 minutes to shoot as one of them had to leave for work. And THIS IS what happened in those 15 minutes I had for this photo shoot!!

... and these are the winners... :-) at least for me :-)

As soon as we were done and jumped in our cars, within few minutes the sun gently floated out and shined and shined and........... yeah right ... :-) exactly ...
OK, now, here is another gorgeous session. We need a family photo for a holiday card... it was crispy cold! I mean.... adults can handle right? ... but how about our poor children! :-) can they?... handle...? Just see yourselves....

"Sisters" they were my next subject to photograph... it really was freezing... and trust me, you would NOT wanna be out there that day :-) but the clothing for this session was purchased and the girls were off school so there was no other way out. These little girls were so brave! I have to tell you though... we ended up rewarding these three cuties and my children with lunch at Panera Bread :-) It was very much deserved treat!

....aaaaaaand WE ARE OUTTA HEA!! :-)

I do have one more session I would like to mention, it wasn't as cold when we started,but by the time we were done trying the baby smile, it really cooled down a bit and our noses got quite red and runny :-) What do we want from a few months old babe with few mandatory medical shots, hungry, cold and frustrated with all those things we are asking? :-) I think we still caught her red handed.... :-) SMILING!

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Kissable Henry
I had the cuttest little baby here a day before Christmas! He just turned three months and his parents brought him to have his first serious photo shoot :-) He was the cuttest little boy with so much hair! Just adorable! ... see yourselves...
I always wanted to make this Kissable collage for my children, but work kept me busy and by the time I was able to, their feet and hands were too big :-)

... and this is the whole happy family ... it's all about the "Big Sister" :-) she was sooo funny!

I don't think she was as interested in being photographed, but one trick works most of the time... CHOCOLATE before LUNCH! :-) .... mommy allowed :-)

Hugs from daddy

Kisses from mommy

... aaand kisses from the big sister

and this is HENRY :-)

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Sunday, January 4, 2009
Fun Christmas Cards
I realize the holidays are over, but I would like to share some of the Fun cards I have created, not only this year but also in the past. I honestly do not post these cards only to promote business, but show that most of my cards are created from scratch and look very unique. My idea of a perfect, an interesting card isn't just the fancy decoration, but also a unique photo. It is kinda like with cakes. You might see a beautifully decorated cake, but if you have a bite and the cake doesn't taste very good, the whole idea of a perfect cake is gone. If you ask me, each card design is just a little frosting, but I think the base, which is a good, story telling photograph is very important. I am very simple and don't like overdoing my designs.
I would like to start with card of one of my special family, that comes for cards every year for the past four years. The fun part is to see the boys growing .... unbelievable! :-) How fun!

... more of my favorite cards...

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