Sunday, January 4, 2009
Fun Christmas Cards
I realize the holidays are over, but I would like to share some of the Fun cards I have created, not only this year but also in the past. I honestly do not post these cards only to promote business, but show that most of my cards are created from scratch and look very unique. My idea of a perfect, an interesting card isn't just the fancy decoration, but also a unique photo. It is kinda like with cakes. You might see a beautifully decorated cake, but if you have a bite and the cake doesn't taste very good, the whole idea of a perfect cake is gone. If you ask me, each card design is just a little frosting, but I think the base, which is a good, story telling photograph is very important. I am very simple and don't like overdoing my designs.
I would like to start with card of one of my special family, that comes for cards every year for the past four years. The fun part is to see the boys growing .... unbelievable! :-) How fun!

... more of my favorite cards...

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